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This is my dear mentor Brad Postich, on September 17th he had a massive heart attack at the young age of 35. The fact he is still here today is a miracle on its own. Brad Marched in 1997 and 2001 with the Cadets Contra Line, and due to the amount of rehab he is going to need after this hospital stay is devastating. He does not have insurance and the bills could easily destroy him and his family. I don’t ever post stuff like this but ever little penny count.Please guys share this and spread the word, he needs support bad. 

Brad went to Largo High school in Largo florida, he has always been active in band and after graduating the Band director at largo hired him as Drill Designer for the Largo Band of Gold. The amount of imoact he has had on many students like myself, that pass through largo is tremendous. He adds tso much to the band and we would all love to see him go back. As I said in 1997 and 2001 Brad was a member of the Cadets Contra line and had always joked he was the only person to march that gained wait. LOL.

Here is what his sister has to say about this whole thing - On 9/17 35 year old Brad had a massive heart attack. It is a miracle he is here with us, but we have a long road ahead. In addition to a lengthy hospital stay, he will have to stay in rehabilitation, have numerous outpatient appointments, medications, etc. The reason for our concern is that Brad does not have insurance. Yes we are working with the social worker for assistance, but we know it will not cover everything. Also Brad does not have transportation at this time. 

We thank you for your prayers, and if you are able, we appreciate any amount you can give. 

Thank you from the family and friends of Brad.




so i saw this photo of a harpy eagleimageand i thought “woah what a noble beast” so i searched for more photos and i justimageimage


imageeven the babiesimagei meanimage

this goes with almost all predator birds 

like look at this bearded vulture


such a majestic creature


but then it’s like


or this scretary bird like woah so beautiful




even good old bald eagle

like wow so regal




it just looks confused image


Pancakes, bacon, and breaking bad, now all i am missing is my cuddle buddy  for this to be the perfect morning :c

Pancakes, bacon, and breaking bad, now all i am missing is my cuddle buddy for this to be the perfect morning :c